McDonald's Commercial w Batman Returns Toys

Feature film Batman Returns was scheduled for McDonald's restaurants as Happy Meal toy series in June 1992. However, it was cancelled due to dark content in the film. Toys included:

  • Batman's launching Batmobile
  • Batman on a motorcycle
  • Penguin's roadster, with a spinning umbrella up front
  • Catwoman in a car that wagged its tail

Also released were six collector cups, and special movie-themed packaging. During the promotion, McDonald's took the moniker of being the "Official Restaurant of Gotham City".

Dove Foundation leads to promotion cancellation

A Dove spokesman said: McDonald's. 'So why is McDonald's promoting a movie to little kids that's filled with gratuitous graphic violence?

McDonald's Director of Media Relations Rebecca Caruso told the media The objective of the (Happy Meal) program was to allow young people to experience the fun of Batman the character. It was not designed to promote attendance at the movie. It was certainly not our intent to confuse parents or disappoint children.

According to Warner Brothers: Clearly Batman is not meant for 5-year-olds. As for whether it's appropriate to Happy Meals, that's up to McDonald's. We don't tell them their business.

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