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The Kids Club kids

The Burger King Kids Club was a multi-ethnic group of cartoon kids that appeared from 1989-1999 in children's advertisements for Burger King and also Burger King called their kids meals "Kids Club Meal".

Group members

  • Kid Vid: A yellow-haired boy with light skin. He wears a red baseball cap and sunglasses. He loves video-games and technology. He is the leader of the group, and his real name is Kyle Vickers.
  • Boomer: A sports loving tomboy with red hair in a ponytail and light skin. Her real name is Bonnie Meridian.
  • I.Q.: A nerdy boy with red hair, light skin, and freckles. He wears red glasses, a green lab coat, and a pocket protector. His real name is Isaiah Quentin.
  • Jaws: A tall boy with black hair and dark skin. He has an insatiable appetite. His real name is Jamal Williams.
  • J.D.: A dog who is also the group's mascot.
  • Lingo: A boy with black hair and tan skin. He is multi-lingual, likes art, and carries an easel. His real name is Lionel Garcia.
  • Snaps: A yellow-haired girl with light skin. She always carries her camera. Her real name is Ashley Talbot.
  • Wheels: An auburn-haired boy with light skin and freckles. He is always in his wheelchair. His real name is Wesley Elias.