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Doraemon Breaktime Buddy was a toy series offered at Jollibee from April 1, 2011 to April 28, 2011. The toys each featured Doraemon doing a favorite activity. It ran alongside Totally Spies! Undercover Style toys.


  1. Doraemon's Snacktime Surprise: Watch Doraemon enjoy his favorite treats with the Doraemon Breaktime Buddy Snacktime Surprise. Press the mini-Doreamon down to lock him in place, then press the tea cup repeatedly to watch Doreamon eat. To see mini-Doreamon pop out and catch Doreamon by surprise, simply press the tea cup five times and see Doreamon cover his face with the plate!
  2. Doreamon's TV Toon Time: With the Doraemon Breaktime Buddy TV Toon Time you can catch Doraemon enjoying another favorite activity—watching TV. Simply press the clock on the top of the TV to change the screen image and make Doraemon rapidly flail his arms up and down in delight. Keep Doraemon excitedly tuned in just by pressing the clock repeatedly.
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