Burger King 2011 Hop

Burger King offered Hop BK Kids Meals toys near Easter 2011 in North America, and fall 2011 in Argentina.

This is the second time Burger King made ownership with Universal Pictures' sibling company, Imagine Entertainment.


The "Hop" line offered six different toys.

1. Drummin' E.B.: Pull E.B.'s string and he does drumming noises and movement 2. Skatin' E.B.: The fail toy of the group. Push EB down and he falls or 360 spin. He also rolls. 3. Egg Drop: Some top thingie



  • Argentina: as of mid-October 2011, all six toys
  • Canada: March 28 to April 24, 2011, all six toys
  • United States: March 28 to April 24, 2011, all six toys

In Australia, Hungry Jack's had a different toy series.

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