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In June 1991 McDonald's offered a set of eight transforming toys, McDino Changeables. The set also had two under 3 toys that didn't transform.

The toys were cleverly constructed puzzles, models of popualr McDonald's food items that opened into dinosaur-like creatures. The toys were packed with instructions to transform the toy. The toys are marked "(c) 1990 McDonald's Corp., China, (part number)".


  • McDino Cone
  • Tri-Shake-Atops
  • Big Mac-O-Saurus Rex
  • Hot Cakes-O-Dactyl
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese-O-Saur
  • McNuggets-O-Saurus
  • Happy Meal-O-Don
  • Fry-Ceratops
  • Small Fry-Ceratops (Under 3)
  • Bronto Cheeseburger (under 3)