Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie 1995 logo.png

  • Year = 1995
  • Month = July
  • Where = McDonald's
  • With = Food Purchase

In July of 1995 McDonald's sold a set of six toys based on the 20th Century Fox movie, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. The toys were sold seperately from a food purchase.

Each toy had a figure and a one-piece Ninja Zord with two or four wheels on each Zord.


  • Red Ranger and Ape Ninja Zord
  • Blue Ranger and Wolf Ninja Zord
  • Black Ranger and Frog Ninja Zord
  • Yellow Ranger and Bear Ninja Zord
  • Pink Ranger and Crane Ninja Zord
  • White Ranger and Falcon Ninja Zord


A camera shot of the Earth zooms in as the narration says that there is only force that can save the universe and the place to find it is at McDonald's with the teleportation streaks of the Rangers converging towards Earth and the beams form into the Golden Arches. In the second half of the commercial, a father and his son are leaving a McDonald's driveway only to be followed by the Falconzord. They stop in front of it and after the announcer advertises the toy action figures made to promote the film, the White Ranger asks the father if he is going to eat all of his fries. Tommy is voiced by an unknown voice actor, as it does not sound like Jason David Frank's voice.

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