Dreamworks Monsters vs Aliens is promote the movie that's been seen in the theaters to promote 8 toys in March 8, 2009 to April 30, 2009.


  1. Ginormica
  2. Gallaxhar
  3. B.O.B.
  4. Dr. Cockroach
  5. The Missing Link
  6. Gallaxhar's Ship
  7. Robot
  8. Instectosaurus

Toys Instructions


  • Bend Ginormica's Legs and pose them like you do. And then roll her along as she roller skates along.


  • Pull Galaxar's Feet Down and then his lights up!


  • Wind up B.O.B.'s head counter clockwise and then let him go and then he will spin around in circles.

Dr. Cockroach

  • Pull Dr. Cockroach and his spaceship train back and let him go then he goes slow and fast!

The Missing Link

  • Class the Ice pieces around the Missing Link and then wind up the back of him counter clockwise and then press his fin on top of The Missing Link's Head and then he breaks out of the ice and he will be shaking and vibratimg!

Gallaxhar's Ship

  • Peg these these pieces of Gallaxhar's ship and push down on Gallaxhar's Head and watch these toree takeoff!


  • Pull Robot's Arms and feet out and then make him do action!


  • Press the Button on Instectosaurus' belly and hear him squeak! squeak! squeak!


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