Year: 1995
Restaurant: McDonald's
Available with: Food purchase
Licenses: The Muppets
Additional info:

Canadian McDonald's restaurants offered a series of 4 Muppet hockey-player plush figures for sale with any food purchase.

These NHL theme toys are about 10-11 inches tall and have plastic heads. Each wears a hockey uniform with skates, a helmet and a plastic hockey stick. Their t-shirts say "Muppet Conference NHL" on the front and have their names are on the backs.

  • Kermit the Frog: Stuffed head.
  • Miss Piggy: Plastic head.
  • Fozzie: Fozzie is dressed as the goalie. Stuffed head.
  • Animal: Animal's skates are strapped onto his bare feet rather than being attached to boots. Plastic head.
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