Oregon Coast Aquarium was the theme of Burgerville kids meals, as of November 6, 2009.

Look what’s new! With each kid’s meal purchased, kids will receive a collector series activity book focused on animals and sea life – courtesy of the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Included with each book are also Crayola crayons for coloring fun and stickers or tattoos. Collect the entire series and learn about a different ocean dweller in each. First in the series are Sharks and Tide Pools, followed by Whales and Octopuses. You can share in the fun with your kids by making yummy treats like Shark Bite Cookies and making a Snazzy Cephalopod Hat! Help your kids learn about how these amazing creatures adapt to their environments as well as what we can all do to help preserve their habitats. Each book contains a different set of recommended family activities, coloring sheets, puzzles and games. So come in now and start collecting the Burgerville Ocean series activity books, while supplies last.
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