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On November 8, 1999, Burger King had offered a set of 59 toys based on Pokémon (Key chains, squirters, rev-tops, launchers, talking plush, light-ups and poké beanbags) inside a pokéball container and with one of the 151 trading cards. The promotion ended on December 31, 1999.

Toys & codes

Below is the list of the 59 toys, ordered by their category in alphabetical order (Keychains, launchers, light ups, etc.) and listed according to their pokédex entry.

If you have an unopened bag, each toy has its respective code, which you can check on the bottom left of your sealed bag. If you have doubts about which toy is inside your bag, first check this code list.

Key Chains

(70-15) Sandshrew.

(38-11) Sandslash.

(46-12) Nidoqueen.

(54-13) Nidorino.

(52-12) Nidoking.

(96-18) Vileplume.

(94-18) Geodude.

(44-11) Muk.

(62-14) Cubone.

(78-16) Hitmonlee.

(86-17) Kangaskhan.

(56-13) Electabuzz.

(60-13) Dragonite.


(71-15) Bulbasaur.

(79-16) Venusaur.

(39-11) Nidoran.

(95-18) Arcanine.

(87-17) Rapidash.

(47-12) Slowpoke.

(55-13) Rhyhorn.

(63-14) Tauros.

(00-18) Lapras.


(57-13) Charmander.

(73-15) Raichu.

(41-11) Gengar.

(97-18) Mewtwo.

(89-17) Mew.

Poké Beanbags

(99-18) Butterfree.

(91-17) Golbat.

(75-15) Oddish.

(51-12) Meowth.

(43-11) Poliwhirl.

(83-16) Gyarados.

(59-13) Snorlax.

(67-14) Togepi.


(84-16) Clefairy.

(66-14) Jigglypuff.

(82-16) Venonat.

(76-15) Diglett.

(90-17) Graveler.

(58-13) Golem.

(50-12) Magnemite.

(42-11) Voltorb.

(68-14) Koffing.

(74-15) Chansey.

(92-17) Tangela.

(98-18) Ditto.


(64-14) Squirtle.

(80-16) Blastoise.

(40-11) Psyduck.

(65-14) Poliwag.

(81-16) Poliwrath.

(72-15) Tentacruel.

(48-12) Shellder.

(88-17) Seadra.

(49-12) Kabuto.


(34-10) Pikachu A: Says "Pikachu" when pressed.

(35-10) Pikachu B: Says "Pika Pika Pika" when pressed.

(36-10) Pikachu C: Says "Pika-chu" when pressed.


In this gallery you'll find everything related to the promotion: complete collections of toys, gold plated cards, trading cards and master sheets.

Also there are all kind of stuff that were in the restaurants at the time: cups, bags, crowns, checklists, sealed packages, instruction booklets, restaurant papers, magazines, store signs and displays, posters, uniforms and anything you can imagine.

It's recommended to read the description of each image, to have greater knowledge of this promotion...enjoy.


Burger King Big Kids Meal Pokémon Toys - Commercial


On December 11, 1999, the mother of 13-month-old Kira Alexis Murphy was taking a 20 minute shower and was planning on feeding Kira after she finished showering. Unfortunately for the mother, she emerged to find her 13-month-old baby daughter dead in her playpen with the red part of the ball covering her mouth and nose, causing a suffocation. Kira's 2 older sisters; who were 4 and 5 at the time had witnessed the death.

The mother of Kira managed to successfully sue BK during Burger King's long back and forth conversation with the US Product Consumer Saftey Commission.

However, during the conversation, on December 23, a 18 month old girl, the oldest in this series of accidents, had almost died after her lips turned blue during suffocation. Her father had thankfully witnessed her in time and successfully removed the ball from his daughter. The name of the 18-month-old is currently unknown, but what we know is that this girl is currently 23 years old.

After the 18 month old almost suffocated, frustration from not only the baby's parents but from other BK fans were over the roof; heavy criticism began and Burger King was losing popularity. This left Burger King with no choice but to begin a recall for the pokéballs. Over 25 million units were destroyed. Burger King offered that if the ball was returned, returners could get free small fries for the toy. A commercial began airing and warnings were included in meal packs.

The final incident occured on Tuesday, January 25, 2000. A baby boy named 'Zachary Jones' who was only 4 months old, being the youngest in this series of accidents, had died just the same way Kira Alexis Murphy had. He was found dead in his crib with the ball over his mouth and nose. His grandfather had left a comment on the tragedy; "It's hard to believe that you go get the kids something to eat and bring home a lethal toy.". Zachary's death happened 25 days after the promotion ended; therefore there was nothing Burger King could do over the tragedy over Zachary's death.

Pokémon had gone on to have had more promotions at Burger King, but none of them included pokéballs since the December 1999 incident. Although this has been largely forgotten, it still remains the darkest event that happened in Burger King.


Burger King Pokemon Toys Recall Commercial

The commercial/PSA that warned parents over the Pokémon pokéball; telling them it may pose a suffocation hazard to children under 3. The PSA also tells parents to throw the ball away or return it to Burger King. This began airing from December 28, 1999, to January 2000.