McDonald's Rio Happy Meal 2011.jpg
Year: 2011
Dates: April 8-28
Restaurant: McDonald's
Available with: Happy Meals
Licenses: Rio: The Movie
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From April 8 to 28, 2011, McDonald's North America offered a set of 8 toys based on Rio: The Movie.

This is the second time McDonald's has taken on a license from 20th Century Fox's sibling company Blue Sky Studios, the first was Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.


  1. Blu
  2. Jewel
  3. Rafael
  4. Pedro
  5. Nico
  6. Luiz
  7. Nigel
  8. Mauro
  9. Eva (Australian markets only)
  10. Kipo (Australian markets only)

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McD Malaysia Rio.jpg

  • In Australia, Eva and Kipo were added to the normal 8 figures.
  • In Malaysia, the toy series ran from March 31 to April 27 as Colourful World of Rio. Blu and Jewel were available March 31 to April 6; Pedro and Rafael were available April 7 to 13; Nico and Nigel were available April 14 to 20; and Mauro was available April 21 to 27. Luiz was excluded. Complimentary movie coupons were offered with every Happy Meal, allowing one free admittance to a TGV Cinema, with purchase of two adult tickets to RIO.
  • In Thailand, the toys ran in April.


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