Mcdonalds tamagotchi happy-meal-toys philippines 2010.jpg

In 2009, McDonald's Japan had Tamagotchi toys to tie in with the Tamagotchi anime that debuted when the Happy Meal came out. The toys were also given out in 2010 in Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines. The toys seem to be themed around Mametchi's birthday.


1.Mametchi Rainbow Sled [Pull-back car]

2.Kuchipatchi Open Car [pull-back car]

3.Lovelin Live [plays Happy Birthday]

4. Hapihapitchi Talking Stamp [says "Hapi Hapi..." when pressed down]

5. Kikitchi Sports Car [put key into car to watch it go!]

6. Makodotchi Express [pull-back car]

7.Memetchi's Present Stickers [sticker machine]

8. Chamametchi with Birthday cake [lights up]

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