On July 17, 1998, McDonalds released Tamagotchi Happy Meal toys. Toys were available in the United States and Canada.

This was the first Happy Meal series in the world based on the toys. One of the nine toys was only available at Walmart locations of McDonalds. This was the second Happy Meal set to include a Wal-Mart exclusive toy.


  1. Growagotchi
  2. Puppagotchi
  3. Createagotchi
  4. Secretgotchi
  5. Clearagotchi [Tamatchi version]
  6. Clearagotchi [Takotchi version]
  7. Gameagotchi
  8. Flashagotchi
  9. Glowagotchi [Walmart exclusive, pink egg with glow in the dark Tamatchi keychain.]
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